What’s in a Session?

You Get (with your session fee)

My time: 6-8 hours per session (about an hour with you)

Talent: The know-how from thousands of hours practicing, studying, blood, sweat, and tears, certification, and ongoing training.

Equipment: Thousands of dollars of cameras, lenses, radio triggers, lights, software, props, and more.

Proofs: Both color and b/w of each proofed image. I make a custom black-and-white conversion for each proof.

Online proof gallery: Order online from your own proof gallery and share with family and friends

Web-Resolution files: A file to share online for every image you order a print of

Heirloom Images: Your images capture a special moment in time, loved-ones’ joy and expressions. These images are treasured memories that only increase in value as time goes on and the baby grows up and time changes our lives forever.

Note: This sitting fee covers about 70% of my expenses and time. That’s why the prints and digitals are extra. If you prefer, I can charge a flat package rate that includes files and prints, so please feel free to ask.


The the sitting fee pays for 70% of the following: at least an hour prep time, the session, my assistant, my equipment and software, 1 hour to transfer the images, 1/2 hour to narrow them from 200-400 to about 30-40 images, and 1/2 of the 4-6 hours it takes to edit them in color and b/w. Also to upload them to the online gallery for proofing.

Plan on 2 weeks for me to get the images edited and uploaded to your gallery.

The gallery is up for 1 month and I offer 10% off for images and files ordered (or arranged in a payment plan) in the first week after the proofs are up. People who want to usually break it into two or three payments so they can have the disk now while the kids look like their pics:)

You Don’t Get

Cheap prints on cheap paper, prices like Sears, or someone behind the camera with no experience. If you’d like that, it’s no problem–it’s just not available here. I can’t duplicate it…and you know where to go:)

Prints and Digital Files are Separate from the Session

Rates for heirloom prints and digital files

Click to view rates for heirloom prints and digitals